Exhibitor interview: Applied Optix (EYE Lighting International)

Eye - Applied Optix

In our next interview we have Doug Vermillion, Director of Applied Optix Division of EYE Lighting Int’l of N. America.


EYE Lighting manufactures a large portfolio of specialty light sources. The Applied Optix division produces controlled light spectrum systems for scientific and industrial applications that range from polymer testing to solar panel production.

At this event we’re featuring the metal halide lamp based Super UV weathering chamber. This technology originated in Japan in the 80s, but has been relatively unknown in N. America and Europe. That’s beginning to rapidly change, as companies are learning that the Super UV chamber is the ideal tool for significantly reducing polymer material screening test time.

What do you think sets your company apart from your competitors?

We’re the only producer of weathering test chambers that also manufactures the light sources used in those chambers.   
The Super UV metal halide lamp weathering chamber is a unique, new game changing technology since it has such a significant impact on reducing polymer screening test time.  
We have a test lab facility where customers are able to try the technology and realize that it produces viable, repeatable results, that correlate to data from traditional tools and outdoor weathering.

We actively seek mutually beneficial and collaborative relationships with our customers, and want our customers to become evangelists for our technology if they’re willing.


Are there any new technology developments that your company is working on at the moment?

Continuing with our introduction of the Super UV metal halide weathering chamber to new customers in North American and Europe.  It’s exciting to be involved with the introduction of a new, game changing technology like the Super UV tester since it has such a significant impact on reducing polymer screening test time.  It’s very rewarding to watch our customers try, and then realize the benefit from, the Super UV technology.


What are the biggest challenges facing the industry today and how can this be overcome?

It seems as if competition is greater, that budgets are tighter, and that our customers need to work more efficiently than ever before.  We can help our customers justify the purchase of the Super UV chamber because it’s an efficiency enhancer.  The Super UV can produce screening test results in a fraction of the time required by traditional weathering chambers.  This means significantly reduced time to market for new products, faster analysis of product performance, better understanding of potential warranty cost, technical feasibility of ideas, and many other product development criteria that have a major impact on a company’s bottom line.


How do you see the sector developing in the next five to ten years?

We believe that more customers will be adopting the metal halide weathering chamber for screening tests.  There are already Japanese companies with proprietary testing standards that use this technology.  We know that standards entities like the ASTM and IEC are developing metal halide weathering standards and practices so there’s no doubt about growing acceptance and usage.


What are you most looking forward to at this years’ show? 

Learning about new product concepts and technology, meeting knew people, and seeing old friends.

EYE Lighting will be exhibiting at the Polymer Testing World Expo 2022.