Westchester Plastics
Stand - A821

No matter what kind of plastics compounding you may need, chances are we have the equipment, expertise and experience to produce it to your exact specifications.

Compounding is our only business and we focus on doing it better than anyone else you might consider. Toward that end, we have developed expertise with the most sophisticated resins, alloys, elastomers, and blends.

We use the most advanced single-screw, twin-screw and continuous-mixer technologies, allowing us to offer unparalleled flexibility in meeting your most demanding needs.

We’ve spent more than sixty years building our experience and manufacturing capacity. Today, we typically compound several hundred million pounds of thermoplastic resins annually, including elastomers, polystyrenes, polyolefins, polycarbonates and polyesters, nylons, alloys, blends, biopolymers, and reactive modifiers. We have state-of-the-art plants in two locations, broad logistics capability to move raw materials to our plants and customer products from them to any point of use in the U.S. or overseas.

The Benefit of Early Involvement

To help you make the most of our capabilities and resources, we encourage you to involve us in your process design at your earliest development and formulation stage. Early involvement gives us the greatest opportunity to work with you to find the most creative, efficient solutions for your needs.

And since we are exclusively toll compounders, we are accustomed to holding our customers’ information in the strictest confidence.