Stand - A411

Solid Lubrication in Polymers

Part of the Treibacher group, Tribotecc GmbH is the world’s largest manufacturer of various special metal sulfides for high-end applications and industries.

In the field of engineered polymers, our high-performance solid lubricants based on synthetic metal sulfides like Tungsten-,Tin, Bismuth- or Molybdenumdisulfides are improving the tribological characteristics and the life time of polymer components in motion – especially when exposed to high mechanical loads and thermal stresses. New light colored additives for various innovative solutions are available.

Tribotecc Solid Lubricants:

-      Reduce wear

-      Reduce coefficient of friction

-      Increase conductivity

-      High thermal resistance

-      Increased life time of highly stressed parts

-      Improved resistance to hydrolysis and chemicals

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