SPE Akron
Stand - A1511

The Cleveland Section of the Society of Plastics Engineers was founded in 1943, the third section to be formed in the USA. We are the professional home for nearly 200 plastics professionals across the Greater Cleveland area. Our objective is to promote scientific, engineering, and business knowledge related to the plastics industry in northeast Ohio.

The Akron Section of the Society of Plastics Engineers has a great history of being one of the premier sections for SPE International. The Akron Section will continue to bring innovation to our members by having creative and educational monthly programs. To stay up to date with the latest section events please see our newsletters. In addition, we partner with other local professional trade groups to share knowledge and learn from best practices. The section will continue to support education with our Education Foundation, which awards several scholarships each year, and partner with the University of Akron Polymer Program while continuing to align with ACESS, a local engineering society, and the Akron Global Polymer Academy.