Sasol Chemicals (USA) LLC
Stand - A1506
Sasol is a global chemicals and energy company. We harness our knowledge and expertise to integrate sophisticated technologies and processes into world-scale operating facilities. We safely and sustainably source, produce and market a range of high-quality products in 22 countries. Our world leading Fischer-Tropsch technology provides the foundation to produce fuels and chemicals from coal, natural gas, and sustainable materials. Sasol’s Polymer Additives business has supported the injection molding industry with Processing Aides and Mold Release Agents that help resolve the common in process defects of injection molded parts, such as short shots, flash, flow lines, jetting, streaks, weld lines, warpage and delamination. Our EnHance FG acts to lower melt viscosity and pressure enabling faster polymer flow with no impact on mechanical properties. Our new innovations continue to ease processing via injection molding.