Prism Worldwide
Stand - A824
Prism Worldwide ( has commercialized a solution that reinvents the process for recycling end of life tire rubber. Prism is a clean technology company that develops and manufactures performance oriented circular polymers from recycled tire rubber and scrap plastic to offset virgin materials. This creates a consistent product that offers value and sustainability to customers seeking solutions for polymeric and elastomeric applications over a broad range of industries. The PRISM™ process targets the sulfidic bridges in ground tire rubber, creating a rubber intermediate that is used as a performance ingredient in TPEs, an impact modifier for thermoplastics, a recycling additive for reintroduction into vulcanizates, or as an asphalt modifier for roofing and paving applications. Ancora™ thermoplastic elastomers are target a broad range of industrial and consumer applications. These materials have up to 50% recycled tire content and offer a combination of performance and sustainability not previously available in the marketplace. Ennova™ is a polymer modifier added to thermoplastic compounds to improve impact resistance and is derived from post-consumer content materials. This technology can be applied to a broad range of consumer and industrial applications.