PMC Polymer Products and PMC Biogenix
Stand - A202
PMC Group is a growth oriented, diversified, global chemicals company dedicated to innovative solutions for everyday needs in a broad range of end markets including plastics, consumer products, electronics, paints, packaging, personal care, food, automotive and pharmaceuticals. 

Our business units represented at the Expo in Cleveland include PMC Biogenix™, PMC Organometallix™, and PMC Polymer Products™. 

PMC Polymer Products is the masterbatch producer and compounding arm of the PMC Group. Established in 1993 and located just north of the Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton area of southeastern PA, we specialize in the design and development of flame-retardant compounds and concentrates. Whether your application calls for a halogen or non-halogen system, we can design a solution that meets your performance requirements and keeps your add-on costs in line. We offer a stock line of products or can design custom solutions for your particular application. But, we’re more than just a flame-retardant supplier. Our expertise in the safe handling and encapsulation of powders make us uniquely suited to remove powder handling issues from your processes. We’re knowledgeable in the encapsulation of powders into various plastics and are proud to serve as a toll manufacturer for the industry. 

PMC Biogenix is a global, innovation-driven developer, manufacturer and marketer of specialty chemicals produced from renewable resources. Our portfolio of materials targeted for plastics applications includes slip agents, anti-block agents, anti-fog agents, lubricants and acid scavengers such as metallic stearates. Biogenix products are marketed under our leading brand names such as Armoslip®, ADVALUBE®, ADVAWAX®, ADVAPAK®, Hystrene®, Industrene®, Kemamide®, Kemester®, Kemstrene®, Lubrazinc® and Neustrene®. 

PMC Organometallix is the world’s leading manufacturer and developer of organometallic catalysts, stabilizers, and specialty chemicals. Our 400-acre site in Carrollton, KY manufactures Thermolite® and ADVASTAB® organotin stabilizers, FASCAT® catalysts, and fine chemicals including Grignard reagents. An experienced technical team leverages development labs, a pilot facility, and unique manufacturing capabilities to provide solutions for customers worldwide. The Carrollton plant produces its own methyltin intermediates as well as being supplied octyltin and butyltin intermediates from the PMC Organometallix plant in Mobile, Alabama, making PMC the only fully integrated producer of tin chemicals in the world. 

Dedicated to sustainability, PMC Group operates from a global manufacturing, innovation and marketing platform with facilities and personnel in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

PMC Group and subsidiaries are members of the ACC and Responsible Care®. 

PMC Group subsidiaries are certified minority-owned suppliers by NMSDC.