Orenda Pulverizers
Stand - A529

Orenda Pulverizers is a leading manufacturer of pulverizing solutions for the rotomolding, plastic and plastic recycling industries.  Our promise of delivering cost-effective solutions, outstanding customer service and exceptional quality extends far beyond the moment of purchase. We work hard to assure long-standing and trustworthy relationships with our clients.

Experts in size reduction, our pulverizers range in size and output to deliver finer, higher-quality powders from recycled polymers including pipe, window profile siding, etc. We also conduct grind testing for those wanting to witness the performance of our AirForce® Technology and increase their production results.

With a fully qualified team of designers, engineers and technicians, our strength lies in our track record of innovative thinking and customer care. As a result, the Orenda name has become synonymous with time-honored ethics, machine excellence and non-conforming rationale.

Orenda … the obvious choice!