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MIXACO USA is the leading supplier of mixing systems for the PVC Industry. Based in Greer, SC; we provide mixing solutions, service, spare parts, and engineering to support the US market.

Our SC test facility holds $750M in spare parts and no cost material mixing trials. 

No other company stands more for innovation in mixing technology than MIXACO. Our machines and solutions have been setting new standards from laboratory to production mixers for decades. Our product line consists of high, medium, and low intensity blending systems. Around the world, major companies in many industries put their trust in MIXACO products.  One reason is that MIXACO solutions have been used in a wide variety of industries for over five decades. In which, we have been finding solutions to mixing challenges that are as diverse as the industries they come from. Our experts have a wealth of profound knowledge covering all branches of industry, so it is possible to adapt MIXACO’s versatile product portfolio to find the perfect solution to every new mixing technology challenge. 

Please visit our web site to learn more: www.mixaco.com.


1784 Poplar Drive

Greer, SC 29651

Main: (864) 331 – 2320 X 107

Fax: (864) 331 – 2321

Cell: 302 745-3319

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