McCann Plastics
Stand - A412

McCann Plastics, Inc. provides clients engineered solutions by applying an in depth knowledge of thermoplastic compounding, materials, and end-use processing to best serve our clients’ specific and often unique requirements. Such a bold approach provides us with the privilege of serving many markets including automotive, electrical and electronics, packaging, film, consumer goods and many more.

At McCann we provide innovative solutions in rotational, injection, and blow molding as well as film, sheet, and profile extrusion.

Single screw extruders and intermeshing co-rotating twin screw extruders allow us to compound almost any material including highly filled compounds at rates up to 10,000 pounds per hour. These capabilities allow McCann Plastics to provide clients with full service custom compounding including aggressively short lead times.

To discuss how McCann can provide solutions to your individual situation, contact Jay Reed, Sales and Marketing Manager, at [email protected].