Extreme Coatings
Stand - A1204

Extreme Coatings has become the global leader for wear-resistant coating solutions.  With more than 85,000 encapsulated feedscrews over the past 26 years we offer effective, solution-oriented approaches, utilizing advanced thermal spray technologies.  Extreme Coatings has developed specific and proprietary encapsulations, formulated for focused, targeted solutions to wear and corrosion.

Our process encapsulates complex components with hard, dense Tungsten Carbide encapsulations.  These components include: plastic injection molding and extrusion feedscrews, single and twin, and continuous mixing rotors, etc.  Close tolerance machinery is most efficient when OEM tolerances are new.  By maintaining the screw to barrel tolerance, you can expect:

  • Screws last three -five times longer
  • Increased production
  • Less preventative maintenance
  • Decreased downtime
  • Improved barrel life – Ask us why
  • Lower scrap rate

Our latest development is our CarbideX Pro-Line. Application Specific Solutions for specific materials providing maximum performance and easier selection.

Minimize Wear, Maximize Profit!