Stand - A523

Equitech Int’l produces and provides unparalleled service support to its complete line of individual analytical instruments and rugged process analyzers, designed primarily for the measurement and control of chemical and color applications. Our compact UV-vis spectrophotometer complements a variety of unique fiber optic probes, which enables it to perform practical measurements and provide specific analysis of particular variables, including color, thickness, chemical structure, and chemical composition. Our systems provide the unique ability to directly integrate into our customer’s manufacturing processes. 

This “in-line” functionality allows precise data to be observed on an uninterrupted, “real time” basis, thereby eliminating the intermittent and inconsistent outcomes of the “off-line” sampling systems that are prevalent in 
today’s industry.   

Equitech’s systems provide an immediate and continuous comparison between a customer’s specific requirements and/or industry standards, and the data being produced at any given moment, via the “in-line” sampling. Continuous real-time knowledge of such critical information in production and laboratory settings is extremely important. This is especially true when a wide range of measurements and analytical functions must be evaluated to maximize productivity.