Stand - A1206

ECON specializes in the development, production and global marketing of innovative solutions for underwater pelletizing technology and screen changers. ECON has secured numerous patents since its establishment in 1999. International producers of raw materials, compound and masterbatch manufacturers and recycling companies value the quality and efficiency of ECON machines.

Their products include: Underwater Pelletizing Systems EUP, Air Pelletizing Systems ELG, ECON Hybrid EWA, Pyrolysis Furnaces EPO, Screen Changers ESK & ESD and Melt Pumps.

ECON technology leads to: minor waste of material during start-up process with quick cooling of the pellets without freezing of the die holes. Pellets become uniform and round with no sticking of materials. This allows for a stable process but with minimal energy consumption, leading to high energy savings.