Stand - 1416

ColVisTec is providing solutions for inline process monitoring in continuous and batch processes for many industries, especially in the polymer and recycling industry. 90% of our worldwide applications are in compounding, reactive extrusion, hot melt extrusion, polymer recycling (mechanical and chemical), and powder coatings. The remaining 10% are in paints and coatings, cosmetics, and chemicals. We count leading global manufacturers in these industries among our customers in America, Asia, and Europe. Our team of highly qualified engineers and scientists supports our customers with reliable and industry-standard inline UV-Vis spectroscopy.

Inline spectroscopy directly in processes allows detecting of the entire production process consistently in real time. It also opens up possibilities for process and recipe development. Furthermore, achieving the characterization and optimization of the extruder and the process parameters. For this purpose, we offer a special automated residence time distribution measurement and analysis solution. All this leads to productivity and quality increases and is in the context of digitalized manufacturing: Industry 4.0. We do not see ourselves as a hardware supplier, but as a provider of unique solutions specifically tailored to your process.

Talk to us about your application! You can find us at booth 1416 of our partner ENTEX - The Planetary Roller Extruder, represented by TRIAD Sales, LLC.