Stand - A208

CHEMIGON specializes in additives for plastics and serves the manufacturing industry with technical support and distribution services for functional additives, fillers, polymers and compounds.

Our partnerships include Brueggemann, Auserpolimeri, Lucobit, Grupa Azoty ATT, and AddiCo.

Bruggolen® Polymer Additives from Brueggemann include heat stabilizers, nucleating agents for polyamides and polyesters, flow modifiers, chain extenders, and viscosity reducers for polyamides.

Compoline® maleic anhydride graft copolymers (MAH) from Auserpolimeri are used in impact modification of polyamide and polypropylene.

Lucofin® Ethylene Butyl Acrylate from Lucobit is a universal carrier and impact modifier.  Additionally, there is a MAH grafted version for multilayer film adhesion requirements for dissimilar polymer film layers.

Alphalon polyamide 6 from Grupa Azoty ATT is a reactor grade available for polymer compounding, blow molding, cast/blown film applications and fiber.

AddiCo products are used to matte surface finish in styrenics, increase viscosity and toughness in polyesters, increase surface energy to impart better adhesion to polymer surface finishes, and promote adhesion to natural fibers in polymer compounds.

CHEMIGON is located in Northeast Ohio and serves the NAFTA region.