Budenheim USA
Stand - A1215

Budenheim is a global specialty chemicals company with production sites in Germany, China, Mexico, USA, Spain and the Netherlands. Building on an innovative portfolio of products and services, Budenheim offers sustainable solutions for a broad range of applications. These include the fields of nutrition, health, safety and preservation of resources. In close cooperation with its customers, the chemical specialist develops solutions for a better life and sets basis for enduring profitability.

Budenheim is the world’s leading phosphate manufacturer of specialty phosphates. Our BUDIT® Halogen-free flame retardant systems are intumescent formulations used typically in applications of technical thermoplastics in the E+E, building and construction, and transportation industry. Beyond flame retardants, specialty grades of BUDIT® are designed for laser marking/welding applications and endothermic foaming solutions. Our innovative masterbatch solutions facilitate the sorting and recycling of plastics without compromising on performance.

At our company, we are driven by a commitment to supply the markets of tomorrow with a diversified range of products. Our focus on sustainability extends to our customers, whom we empower by providing low carbon-footprint products that contribute to a greener future. We believe in fostering a dynamic and encouraging work environment that encourages our employees to work together and create solutions that will benefit both present and future generations.