Budenheim USA
Stand - A1215

Budenheim is the world’s leading phosphate manufacturer of specialty phosphates. Our BUDIT® Halogen-free flame retardant systems are intumescent formulations used typically in applications of technical thermoplastics in the E+E, building and construction, and transportation industry. Beyond flame retardants, specialty grades of BUDIT® are designed for laser marking/welding applications, foaming and packaging solutions.

Budenheim supplies environmentally friendly ingredients for polymers and coatings. Our ammonium polyphosphates (APPs) and other halogen-free products are manufactured to a degree of purity that easily matches all statutory requirements worldwide. They are made exclusively at our Budenheim plants, which ensure superb quality and reliability for your material ingredients, coatings and fire protection materials.

Our operations are global with production facilities in Spain, Germany, Mexico, China and The United States. Wherever we interact with our customers, we always look upon business as local. Thanks to our in-house expertise, you can be sure that our people are top notch, just like our products.