Bekaert Fiber Technologies
Stand - A1511

Bekaert is a Belgian based multinational company that specializes in steel wire transformation and coating technologies. Within its wide range of capabilities, Bekaert is a leading producer of stainless steel filler solutions for electrically conductive or shielding thermoplastics and elastomers.

Bekaert has been producing and selling stainless steel filler material for thermoplastics and elastomers for over 30 years. Our global sales network and strong R&D team supports customers in high demanding sectors. Today, our solutions successfully serve the automotive, e-mobility, energy, electronics, and sensor industries.

Bekaert stainless steel filler material is available in continuous bundles or grains and is suitable for compounding and injection molding processes.

Bekaert is active in over 120 countries across the globe. Our global presence means that your products are manufactured to strict international standards of safety and quality. Our local support means that we are at your service at all times. In the event of a question or concern, a trained professional will respond to you as soon as possible.