Bay Plastics Machinery
Stand - 212

Located in Bay City, Michigan, we offer a complete line of strand pelletizers, conveyors, water baths, air knives/strand dewatering units, and spare parts. Among our services: are rotor sharpening, rebuild/repair, technical support, and lab testing. Whatever your plastics industry needs, Bay Plastics Machinery stands ready to meet them.

In 1974, JETRO was purchased by Conair and continued operation as Conair JETRO. Engineering, design, and manufacturing of Conair JETRO pelletizers continued in Bay City until 1997, when Conair moved manufacturing to Franklin, Pennsylvania. A core group of managers, engineers, and manufacturing employees, including Tony Forgash Jr., did not take the relocation package offered. Instead, they stayed in Michigan and began their own business, Bay Plastics Machinery. This group continued to serve pelletizer customers from a new facility in Bay City under the Bay Plastics Machinery name. Tony Forgash Sr. in 1974.

In 1998, Bay Plastics Machinery entered a joint venture partnership with C.F. Scheer & CIE., GmbH & Co. of Stuttgart, Germany. The new partnership, operating under the name Scheer Bay Company, produced and sold pelletizers based on both the Bay Plastics and Scheer designs.

In 2008, C.F. Scheer became insolvent, and liquidation proceedings were initiated against it in Germany. Bay Plastics Machinery purchased all ownership interests formerly held by C.F. Scheer, all contracts and relationships with C.F. Scheer were terminated, and the use of the “Scheer Bay” name was discontinued. The American owners of the company continued to operate the company in Bay City, Michigan, under its original name, Bay Plastics Machinery.

Bay Plastics Machinery continues to be operated by managers, designers, engineers, and manufacturers who have years of dedicated experience, producing the highest quality and most cutting-edge technology in the industry today. Although the company’s name and ownership have changed occasionally over the years, the core Bay Plastics Machinery team is responsible for originally developing the Conair JETRO pelletizer line and the evolution of the Scheer Bay machines. These accomplished professionals have been committed to a vision of effectively serving the plastics industry for more than 50 years, and they look forward to a bright future continuing this tradition. The core group of people at Bay Plastics Machinery, many of whom began working with Tony Forgash Sr., has seen many changes in both the industry and the company itself. It is the company’s goal to remain committed to the vision of its original founder, as well as welcoming new employees and the ideas they bring to the company, promoting the growth of the establishment for years to come.