Shawn Cook
Technical Manager – Plastic Additives
Dover Chemical Corporation

Mr. Shawn Cook is the Technical Manager for Polymer Additives at Dover Chemical Corporation and is
responsible for technical service, customer support, polymer applications, and new product development
for plastic additives, particularly phosphites and other antioxidants. Shawn has 20+ years’ experience in
all aspects of chemical manufacture, R&D, and process development. In addition to plastic additives,
Shawn has experience in water treatment chemicals, and antiadhesives. He has been part of the
Education Committee for the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC) and has been directly involved with
numerous product launches.

Shawn received his MS in Organic Chemistry from the University of Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee and
his BS in Chemistry from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, with a minor in Applied