Kyle Skaggs
Color Master

Kyle Skaggs, President and Co-owner of Color Master Inc. is 1991 alumnus of Purdue University.  Upon graduation, he joined Color Master and has spent his entire 30 year plus career with the company he now leads.  During his time at Color Master, he has held many positions in several departments, including manufacturing, technical, and quality, before joining senior management.  Ascending through several different positions has enabled him to secure an understanding of the entire industry and allows him to truly understand our customers, and what they require from Color Master to ensure their success.   Color Master’s Vision is to provide colorants and compounds with unrivaled service and steadfast integrity.  We believe that people do business with people they trust.  Our goal is to build relationships with our employees, our customers, suppliers, and our community.  This philosophy enables Color Master to be one of the most sought-after compounder in the industry!