Dr. Lucivan Barros
Senior Applications Scientist
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Dr. Lucivan Barros graduated in Metallurgical and Material Engineering at the State University of Rio de Janeiro in 2012, where he also obtained his master’s degree in Material Science and Engineering in 2014. He received his PhD Degree in Macromolecular Science from Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH) in 2021. After graduation he joined Case Western Reserve University as a Research Associate where he led research projects focusing on TPU focusing on the production and melt processing of nanocomposites and designing TPU molecules to enhance mechanical and viscoelastic properties.

With an expertise in polymer processing, material science, and plastic technology, Dr. Lucivan Barros excels in developing innovative materials and compounds. His comprehensive understanding of structure-property relationships, polymer testing, and viscoelasticity enables him to drive advancements in product and application performance.

In his current role as Senior Applications Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific, a pioneering leader in serving science, he drives the application development for the Material Characterization product portfolio. His focus revolves around extrusion and rheology products, further showcasing his commitment to advancing the realms of scientific discovery and technological innovation.