Bob Smith
Manager Technical Services
PMC Organometallix

Bob Smith is the Technical Service Manager for PMC Organometallix focusing on developing organotin stabilizer solutions for rigid PVC applications and has over focused on developing additives for rigid PVC applications for the last 15 years. 

Bob earned a Bachelor’s degree in Material Science and Engineering from Penn State University and a Master’s degree in Polymer Science from Lehigh University.

Bob holds multiple patents related to optoelectronic devices and PVC additives and has authored over 20 technical conference papers.

Bob participates in multiple technical associations including Unibell, FGIA, PPFA, and ASTM, where he is the Chair of the D20.24 Plastic Building Products Subcommittee and will soon take on the role of D20 Vice Chair of Products.  Bob also recently rejoined the Palisades / MidAtlantic SPE Section Board.