The Bonnot Company
Stand - 930

The Bonnot Company is one of the world’s foremost suppliers of custom designed processing equipment. Large and small companies alike are using Bonnot equipment for making improved products, in less time, at greater savings and with increased profits.

Bonnot equipment is engineered to meet or exceed peak load and sustained operation requirements. Their simplicity of design, modular construction, and use of extra-heavy-duty components mean fewer parts to wear out…lease servicing downtime…and significantly lower labor costs. Feeders, cutters, and other accessories are also available.

In step with today’s expanding technology, Bonnot engineers bring continuing improvement to customer applications while devoting major efforts toward waste recycling, energy conservation, pollution control and other concerns of the day.

In an ever-changing industrial world, Bonnot will continue to design, develop, and manufacture unique machinery with a focus on innovative problem solving, quality, and performance. We’ve been doing it for over 130 years!