Technogenia Lasercarb Oklahoma
Stand - A312
Technogenia, the global leader in hardfacing technology, is the innovator of the LaserCarb® coatings process. Founded in 1979, Technogenia developed Spherotene®, a spherical cast tungsten carbide specifically engineered for high abrasion resistance.

WHY LaserCarb®
Numerous industries use tools that require high resistance to abrasion and erosion. The LaserCarb® is a hard surfacing process that adds an anti-abrasion material to the wear parts. The LaserCarb® process resolves numerous problems caused by welding.

The process consists of using the energy of a Laser beam to melt the deposition powder (Ni-Cr or other material) on the part. A weld occurs between the deposit and the base metal.

The hardness and toughness of Spherotene® (cast tungsten carbide spheres produced by Technogenia) united with the unique properties of a high energy laser produces a weld deposit. The cast spheres exhibit hardness of 3000 + 500 HV, they pack close together to produce a dense deposit. The spherical shape also increases toughness in the carbide grain and the overall deposit.
Use of powders based on cast spherical Tungsten Carbide Spherotene®
• High hardness: 3000 HV ‡ 500 
• Spherotene® is not affected by LaserCarb®
• Low heat affected zone (0.030")
• Almost total absence of porosity
• Large range of thickness deposit 
• Metallurgical bond