St. Louis Group
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St. Louis Group (SLG) was formed in 2010 and shortly after, rapid product line expansion ensued. Today, SLG is a leading supplier of a diverse portfolio of Flame Retardants (FRs) and Smoke Suppressants. SLG’s alliances with a global network of suppliers, in combination with our domestic manufacturing operations, allow us to offer halogenated and non-halogenated solutions to our customers.

St. Louis Group offers a wide range of FR solutions for applications such as wire & cable, polyurethanes, thermoplastics, CASE, and more. Due to our broad product lines and knowledge of additive, reactive, intumescent, and low smoke mechanisms, SLG is able to provide tailor made low viscosity solutions to meet the most stringent flammability and smoke requirements. St. Louis Group’s industry experience, reliable supply channels, cutting-edge technologies, custom offerings, and unsurpassed commitment to customer service make us your preferred choice.