Prism Worldwide
Stand - A824
Prism Worldwide has introduced a solution that reinvents the recycling process at a molecular level. Prism provides sustainable materials and solutions for polymeric and elastomeric applications for a broad range of industries. Prism Worldwide is a clean technology company that develops and manufactures performance oriented circular polymer materials from recycled tire rubber and scrap plastic to offset virgin materials. This creates a consistent product that offers value and sustainability to customers. The PRISM process can in part reverse sulfidic bridges in crumb rubber. This creates a thermoplastic rubber intermediate that can be used as an additive to modify asphalt; an ingredient in compounds to make thermoset rubber products; to produce thermoplastic elastomers (TPE); and as an additive to modify thermoplastics. Ennova polymer modifier is added to thermoplastic compounds to improve impact resistance while using recycled content. A current project is replacing virgin olefinic materials with compounds using Ennova to improve durability and strength.