PRET Advanced Materials
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Focusing on automotive, Shanghai PRET Composites Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 in Shanghai and listed in China Stock Exchange in 2009. With headquarters located in Shanghai, PRET has 6 manufacture plants globally with annual capacity of 500,000 tons for the resins including PP,PP/LGF,PC/ABS,ABS,PA66,PA6,PBT ASA,LCP, PPS and PPA for interior, exterior and under the hood applications.

PRET Advanced Materials, LLC. , a PRET wholly owned subsidiary located in SC USA, focuses on compounding PA6, PA66, PP, PPLGF, ABS & PC/ABS resins. With patented processes for mechanically & chemically separating the PA, PRET(USA) is one of the few companies “basic” in recycling PA 66, PA6, and PP.