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Pinfa-NA (North America) is a not for profit trade organization of non halogenated flame retardant additive manufacturers, synergist suppliers, compounders, formulators and related organizations. Our global membership of Pinfa numbers 42 companies.

We have three levels of membership:
• Full Members: Flame retardant manufacturers
• Associate Members: Synergists, Flame retardant compound formulators, fabricators and end-users
• Professional Members:  Universities, Regulatory groups, Consultants, Technical Associations

Pinfa supports fire safety through innovative, reliable and sustainable fire performance solutions, using products based on halogen free phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N) and inorganic compound (metal ions, hydroxides).

Pinfa Europe is a Sector Group of Cefic (the European Chemical Industry Council), and has sister associations in North America and China.

The organization sponsors and participates in conferences on flame retardants and end uses, participates in industry and regulatory organizations and produce educational brochures relating to flame retardant technology and markets. In June of 2021, Pinfa NA launched our first Formulator Workshop (joint with SPE) to help educate the supply chain regarding the formulation of non hal FR additive systems.

The benefits of being a member of Pinfa include: participate on the forefront of developments in the field of non-halogenated flame retardants and regulatory and environmental developments impacting the field.

The members of pinfa share the common vision of continuously improving the environmental and health profile of their flame retardant products. Therefore, pinfa members seek to dialogue with the users of PIN FRs in order to identify needs and trends.

Pinfa also co-operates with organizations like EU, OECD, United Nations, industry associations like SPE, SAMPE, ACS, consumer organizations & non-governmental organizations to ensure the development of scientific knowledge related to the whole life cycle of PIN FRs.