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ENTEK is a USA based manufacturer of turnkey production extrusion systems, twin-screw extruders, and components. It is a leading supplier of extrusion technology for custom compounding, pelletizing, specialty sheet lines, natural fiber-plastic composites, food and medical applications. In addition to producing state-of-the-art twin-screw extruders and replacement wear parts from 25mm to 250mm, ENTEK’s highly trained engineering department helps companies optimize production, and ENTEK’s turnkey expertise helps customers establish complete plant-wide operations, often from the ground up.

For more than 30 years, ENTEK has also been an innovator and leading world-wide designer and producer of microporous battery separators for lead-acid and lithium batteries. Its technology is used in lead-acid batteries for automobiles, golf carts and industrial applications and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and disposable lithium cells. ENTEK is headquartered in Lebanon, Oregon USA, with facilities in the United Kingdom and Jakarta, Indonesia. Its products are sold through its sales offices and distributors worldwide.