Stand - 1412
ECON – Pelletizing is in our DNA

ECON specialises in the development, production and global marketing of innovative solutions for underwater pelletizing technology and screen changers. International producers of raw materials, compound and masterbatch manufacturers and recycling companies value the quality and efficiency of ECON machines.
ECON underwater pelletizers feature leading "thermal separation" technology offering significant advantages over conventional systems - in particular the special designed die plate. In addition, easy, uncomplicated operation allows users to achieve a high degree of process reliability and efficiency.

Our innovative strength is also reflected in our new product “ECONIA”. Equipped with a robot, the underwater pelletizing system is able to start the process by itself, after receiving the starting signal. Furthermore, the robot implements an essential knife change, as soon as it recognizes a particular level of wearing. As ECONIA takes over the duties of an operator, companies can safe labour costs and time, which increases the efficiency of every product line. 
In addition, ECONIA is equipped with an online-control system, which ensures the right quality of the pellets and reduces offspec-material. In case of a change of quality, the system adjusts the relevant parameters. This also leads to lower manpower requirements.