Dreytek / NGF Canada
Stand - 817

Dreytek Performance Products is a global distribution company that offers a broad array of specialty polymers and polymer additives for compounded products, including:

DREYCARB® Chopped Carbon Fiber:

  • Standard and intermediate modulus
  • Proprietary sizing technology customized for polymers ranging from PP to PEEK
  • Excellent fiber quality due to very precise cutting technology
  • Strong bundle integrity for better handling
  • Produced in the USA

FLEKA® Glass Flake

  • Improved dimensional stability compared to glass fiber
  • Improved mechanical properties compared to mica and glass beads
  • Granulated for easy handling

Kitamura PTFE Micropowder

  • Highest heat resistance of any PTFE (ideal for PEEK)
  • No decomposition gas (ideal for POM)
  • Best tribological properties (limiting PV, specific wear) for all wear related applications


  • Transparent and colorable grades offering surface resistance of 106-109 ohm/sq
  • High heat resistant grades
  • No carbon particle issues, no bleed out

Krefine® ESD Special Carbon:

  • Precise ESD control from 106 to 1010 ohm/sq with very low contamination
  • Formulas can be tuned to an exact SR through the addition of PAN carbon fiber

Xeran® SMA Blends Compatibilizer

  • Miscible with styrenic polymers, reactive with other polymers such as PC, PA and PBT
  • Improves polymer dispersion resulting in improved properties, especially impact

High Temperature Polymers

  • Excellent quality and highly competitive pricing