Stand - 1416
ColVisTec is a provider of inline spectroscopy solutions for the use in 24/7 operations as well as in R&D. Any variations in the process and the product caused by fluctuating raw material quality or different batches as well as material supply (feeders, side feeders, pumps etc.) are detected and displayed in real time. An immediate intervention in the ongoing process is therefore given and eliminates the production of off-spec material. In addition, our technology allows the characterization of extruders or other mixers as well as the influence of process parameters on material quality. With the feature of residence time measurement and immediate analysis, this R&D work is performed very fast and uncomplicated. The aim of an ideal formulation with optimal process parameters is achieved very fast. We work with the world's leading manufacturers in the plastics, pharmaceutical, paint and chemical industries. They are supported by our team of highly qualified engineers and scientists with reliable and industry-standard inline spectroscopy solutions. We customize our inline technology for a wide range of processes. Worldwide customer support ensures safe use and a smooth transition from offline measurement to fully automated inline solutions. Talk to us here about your extruder application at booth A1310 (together with ENTEX).