Stand - 618

Buss is an internationally active Swiss company and global leader in compounding technology. For more than 70 years, Buss provides customers with innovative high-quality compounding systems and services. Owing its strength to innovation, flexibility, and speed of response to customer needs involving compounding technology, Buss ensures close customer proximity through a presence of local sales and service worldwide.

Buss core competencies include process engineering, design, and production of customized application-specific compounding solutions.  The introduction of the COMPEO series of kneaders in 2018 is a direct result of these capabilities.  Based on the long standing and proven Buss concept of a single screw with a reciprocating and rotational motion, the COMPEO is improved to offer greater flexibility in optimizing process parameters. The combination of utilizing 2,3 and 4 flight technology simultaneously combined with multiple inlet feed options ensures the COMPEO will adapt well to future market changes. Other notable features include a concrete filled machine base for stability, a 4.0 compatible electrical control system for complete plant integration and split barrel design for easy screw access for maintenance and cleaning.

As represented by the introduction of the COMPEO the Buss philosophy remains focused on creating and maintaining an impeccable reputation through exceptional product performance and support.  With certified manufacturing practices based on LEAN principles, modern design practices, strong process engineering, service and sales support, Buss remains intent on providing high quality solutions through all stages of the product life cycle.