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For over 70 years Buss AG with headquarters in Pratteln, Switzerland has been a leading global supplier of complete compounding systems. With direct offices in the US, Japan and China, Buss AG provides sales, service and support worldwide.


Unique in design the BUSS Kneader is a highly effective and versatile mixing extruder. It utilizes a single screw that combines rotation with reciprocation resulting in excellent distribution and dispersion of all components within a compound. This technology is ideal for use in applications that are highly filled, are sensitive to aggressive shear and excessive heat or that need solvent added. With thousands of machines installed worldwide, the Buss Kneader has been extremely successful with applications in the plastics, aluminum, chemical and food industries.

Introduced at the 2018 NPE in Orlando, Fl, the innovative COMPEO represents the newest in compounding technology. Put together from standardized modules, the COMPEO series permits cost-effective configuration of specifically optimized compounding lines for an extremely wide range of processing tasks and temperatures. These extend from traditional segments such as PVC and cable compounds via highly filled polyolefins to engineering polymers with processing temperatures of up to 400°C (750°F).

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