American Industrial Products (AIP)
Stand - A915

American Industrial Products (AIP) is an American based filtration company that specializes in the sales of filtration elements, gaskets and seals, spare parts and equipment. AIP opened its doors in 2004 in alliance with a European partner with over 50 years of experience providing filtration and retention solutions. Today, our team has 100 years of real industry experience delivers effective filtration solutions

Our In-house engineering, tool development and advanced manufacturing practices enables successful plant operations. AIP is known as a reliable partner to the Synthetic Fibers, Automotive, Heavy Industrial Equipment, Plastic and Recycling Industry leaders. Our filtration solutions include high performing extruder screens packs, industrial yarn spin packs, polymer melt filters and industrial filtration products.

AIP provides world-class equipment and spare parts for the fiber, textile, plastic recycling and chemical industry among others. Our innovative equipment designs will enable improvements to plant effectiveness, reduce cost and increase productivity