Alok Masterbatches
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ALOK is India’s leading masterbatch provider, co-creating innovative, reliable and responsible applications for the plastic industry for the past 25yrs.

ALOK’s core product offering for the compounding industry is it’s CHROMANOX range of single pigment concentrates (SPC’s) and Mineral filled Masterbatches.

Key Advantage of CHROMANOX SPC’s :

– Help the masterbatch manufacturers reduce their coloring cost if they currently use dry pigments.

– Offers clean and dust free work spaces with ZERO wastage on account of dusting.

Alok offers standard and custom formulations of Mineral filled(TALC, Calcium Carbonate and MICA) Masterbatches for compounding industry.

Headquartered out of New Delhi, India, the company has 7 manufacturing facilities in India and South America offering a combined production capacity of 1,00,000 tonnes per annum. With more than 5000 masterbatches (MB)- ALOK is the industry leader in India for Black masterbatches and all of ALOK’s plants use CHROMANOX products for their color masterbatch production.

ALOK aims to be the strategic supplier to masterbatch manufacturers outside India and to help them serve and grow their businesses.