Margaret H. Baumann
Pinfa NA
Business Manager North America
Ms Baumann has over thirty years of experience in the international plastics industry as a consultant and advisor. She has worked in Engineering and High performance polymers and specialty chemicals, biorenewable polymers, thermoset resins (composites) and additives. She has done many customized market reports and business analysis and planning. Her specialty is assessment of the potential market for new material based technologies and market development including identifying partnerships and supply chain relationships.

Since 2010, she has been serving as Market advisor and NA business Manager for FRX Polymers, Inc., a Venture backed firm that developed and manufactures Polyphosphonate homopolymers, copolymers and reactive oligomers.  This is a unique material in that it is an inherently FR polymer with phosphorus in its backbone, therefore non-halogenated.  Polyphosphonates represent an evolution in FR additives in that it is the only globally registered non hal polymeric additive and that it enables new applications for flame retardant engineered materials, e.g. foam, film, monofilament and other process intensive applications.

In 2014 she founded Performance Polymers and Additives, a specialty polymeric material distributor.  

Her employment history is as follows:

G.H.Associates- She founded her consulting practice in 1990. She has worked on variety of commercial development projects in Engineering plastics and alloys, Thermoset resins and elastomers. Currently she is working in the area of flame retardant technology, bioplastics and digital printing inks and related technologies..
Borg Warner Chemical- At BWC she was regional manager for the Thermoplastics resin Distribution business. She managed the Middle Atlantic state and New England states.  Part of her responsibilities including developing new suppliers and distribution channels.

Uniroyal Chemical- Middlebury CT. At Uniroyal she worked in the Corporate business development department working on market research and commercial development projects with various divisions of Uniroyal.
Union Carbide-Corporate world headquarters-Danbury CT worked as a financial analyst and Market research manager for the Specialty Chemical and Plastics division.

Union Carbide- While at Union Carbide, she worked as sales and market development with the Specialty Chemical and Engineering Plastics Division and Urethane Intermediates Division

Education: BA Chemistry, M.A. in Philosophy, MBA in Marketing and Finance.

Industry: Active member of SPE, PDMA/CDMA, SYFA, SAMPE and ACS.  She is also currently active in Pinfa North America with FRX Polymers.